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Hardware upgrades.

Hardware upgrades are an ongoing necessity these days as software requirements get more and more demanding. Vista requires much more RAM and needs a fast graphics card to get the best from it, so hardware requirements need to be considered in detail before the upgrade.

All upgrades are offered, including Hard Disk Drives, RAM, Processor, Motherboard, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Fax Modem, DVD and CD-ROM, CD and DVD writers, RAID and Graphics.

Your requirements are carefully considered and balanced against the cost to ensure that the upgrade will meet your expectations. All installed parts are guaranteed. Upgrades are installed at your home or office and are supported by training and ongoing email and telephone support.

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Upgrading your PC is an option that should be considered and carefully compared against the cost of a new unit if the amount of “upgrade” is extensive. WCS can advise you on this before any outlay.

New computers
purchase and installation.

WCS offer a complete New Computer fixed fee consultation service that will

  1. Establish the main requirements of your computer.
  2. Within the budget considered, recommend a suitable system that maximises the specification for your use, with built in scope for future improvement and expansion.
  3. Install the purchased system at your Business or Home.
  4. Transfer all data from your old system.
  5. Network the Computer as necessary and link to the internet and your email.
  6. Configure all the necessary printers, scanners and ancillary equipment.
  7. Give you a one-hour lesson in the use of the software and hardware.
  8. Provide ongoing personal support for any problems that you may have for an agreed period.

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